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What Is It?

tako is a command language and shell for GNU/Linux (and Windows via Cygwin), based on Python (version 3) and GNU Bash, and forked from xonsh.

tako is not "sh"-compatible, but rather is designed to provide an intuitive interface for common shell operations (to reduce time spent looking up how to do things in Bash/sed/awk).

There are three equally valid ways of looking at tako: it is a shell with a sane scripting language, and/or it is Python with extra syntax to make running external commands easier, and/or it is a stripped-down version of xonsh (you can see some of the differences here).

A short list of nice features:

Details of how to use and/or customize tako are available from the documentation page. In the meantime, here is a quick (~5 minutes) demo, demonstrating some features of tako:

Can I Use It?

Yes! tako is free/libre software, available under the terms of the Soopycat License version 2 (see the full text of the license for details). Instructions for downloading and installing tako are available near the top of the documentation page.

You are also free to use the tako logo (the octopus eating a taco), which is available under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. It is also available in a larger size.

Is It Any Good?


Included Software

tako includes a few other pieces of FLOSS software:


( oo )

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The web site is available online at https://takoshell.org, or as a Tor "onion service" at http://takoezpr7wxrc7d6.onion.

The source code for the web site is available on Gitlab.com.