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Contact Information


For usage questions, bug reports, feature requests, etc, the best thing to do is to open an issue on the Gitlab page.


The official IRC room for tako is #takoshell on OFTC. You can either point your IRC client to irc.oftc.net, or use OFTC's Web Chat interface.

Mailing List

The tako mailing list is: users@lists.takoshell.org.

You can add yourself to the list here, or by sending an e-mail to users-subscribe@lists.takoshell.org with "subscribe" in the subject line (no quotes). The mailing list is powered by GNU Mailman.


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Creative Commons License
The contents of this page are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The web site is available online at https://takoshell.org, or as a Tor "onion service" at http://takoezpr7wxrc7d6.onion.

The source code for the web site is available on Gitlab.com.